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Day 1

  • Evidence for the best over-the-counters and natural remedies for the treatment of upper respiratory infections and postnasal drip

    Florida International University

    Gustavo Ferrer, MD FCCP, is an experienced pulmonologist trained both in Cuba and the US, founder of the Cleveland Clinic Florida Cough Clinic, Interstitial Lung Disease and president of Intensive Care Experts. An authority on respiratory ailments with more than 20 years of experience. His new book, Graceful Exit: How to Advocate Effectively, Take Care of Yourself, and Be Present for the Death of a Loved One, available now for preorder.


    Cough Cures, challenges our Western mindset that over medicates. The book offers evidence for conventional and natural remedies to effectively address coughs. The book is enriched by his medical training and experience in Cuba and in the US. It’s a holistic treatment approach to one of the most common reasons for unnecessary doctor’s visits, over use of antibiotics, and avoidable expenses on over-thecounter medications. Cough Cures is about fending off coughs, colds and flu with the best of both worlds-conventional and natural medicines. It’s about what to use instead of antibiotics, saving money on over-the-counters and natural remedies, and confidently navigating the aisles of your local Pharmacy. It teaches when to treat something safely at home, while saving hundreds of dollars on co-pays. It shares simple and effective tips for a healthy lifestyle-breathing exercises, acupressure, guided meditations-while educating you on how to read a drug label, how to prepare for a doctor’s appointment, and how to avoid unnecessary X-rays. Cough Cures includes dozens of charts and illustrations plus hundreds of research studies to back up its recommendations for natural cures. Take control of your health with this invaluable resource. “Cough Cures” will help the ENT’s, Allergies and Pulmonologist by providing the necessary tools to assist patients when facing upper respiratory infections and postnasal drip.

  • Wound healing with topical food-derived antioxidants in noisome gel

    Khon Kaen University

    Priprem A has completed her Ph.D. at the age of 32 years from the Robert Gordon University, UK. She is the director of Melatonin Research Group and an academic staff at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, Khon Kaen University, Thailand. She has over 40 publications that have been cited overtimes and has been serving as an editorial board member of Journals.


    Food-derived antioxidants are being increasingly investigated for their therapeutic benefits, and the development of foodderived products with anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory activities for topical oral wound healing has been very attractive. Topical application of food-derived antioxidants, such as quercetin, melatonin, anthocyanins, may provide local or regional effects but they are not possible without effective delivery. Challenges in the delivery of active substances to the oral mucosa include the function of the mouth (mastication, swallowing), salivary secretion, enzymatic degradation and mucociliary clearance. Mucoadhesive formulations using biocompatible substances are designed to overcome these challenges in the oral cavity. In addition, food-derived antioxidants are usually labile to oxidative damage. Therefore, it is essential that a topical oral product with acceptable mucoadhesive and biocompatible properties also protects the antioxidant components from the oxidative environment. Combinations of mucoadhesive gels with embedded niosomes, non-ionic surfactant vesicles, provides this protection via niosomal encapsulation of the food-derived antioxidants. These noisome gels are prescreened for their physicochemical characteristics before in vitro, in vivo and cell studies and clinical trials. Case studies that emphasize topical oral anthocyanins and transmucosal melatonin are focused.

  • Chronic nasal obstruction in children head development and its role in sleep breathing disorders pathogenesis Hypothesis

    ENT Mexican Society

    The purpose of this lecture is to propose a different approach to the nature of the breathing sleep disorders. The start of the nasal breathing sets an impulse genetically determinate to aerate the face cavities, that in turn at their growth, will contribute to create a useful trafficable space from the air, during the middle face development, mainly from the toddler until the onset of adolescence. Nose function not only has a direct role in upper airway breathing, but also a long-term impact on the development of the middle face because it allows the major forces which determine the size and development of the naso-maxillary process and maxillary sinuses due to the mechanotransduction system created by the strain and stress of the skull through strength of the muscles of the tongue, strong chewing and swallowing. Therefore, any disorder that causes permanent difficulty to nasal airflow may lead to mouth breathing, which in turn decreases the nasal airway growth stimulation of the sinus cavities, altering the development of the middle and inferior facial thirds. As a chronic situation this condition will end in the hypo development of the middle face and the required amplitude that the child and the future adult will need for a normal breathing, favoring the increase of resistance in the upper airway and the appearance of the sleep breathing disorders and finally the obstructive sleep apnea / hypopnea syndrome. It is accepted that 60% of facial development occurs in the first four to six years of life. There is a real necessity to go further in the early diagnosis and to take preventive solutions through the creation of a multidisciplinary team of pediatricians, otorhinolaryngology’s and orthodontic dentists that make this public health problem easier to treat or even disappear it at all.

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